Are the Effects of Breast Creams Permanent

If you are considering a breast cream to make your breasts bigger, you should know a few things first, one question that many women ask is if the effects of breast creams are permanent.

In this article, I will discuss the pros and cons of using breast creams and how long you can expect the effects of using a breast cream will last.

Are the Effects of Breast Creams Permanent - Woman measuring breasts

Breast creams are a safe and natural way to increase the size of your breasts, for most women it is a convenient way to make their breasts bigger, plus it’s a much cheaper and safer alternative to breast surgery.

How breast creams work

Breast creams work in two ways, one by increasing the size of the underlying fat cells within the breasts, and two, they regulate estrogen levels.

Two things that are common in most younger and pregnant women is that their breasts are usually very full and firm, this has to do with hormone levels. When estrogen is in abundance it keeps the breasts full.

When estrogen levels are low your breasts may begin to sag because the ligaments and underlying milk ducts tend to shrink, a breast cream helps restore estrogen levels while at the same time helps plump up the fat cells and milk ducts within the breasts.

Benefits of using a breast cream include:

  • Safe alternative to breast surgery
  • Safe and inexpensive
  • Increase the size of your breasts up to two cup sizes larger
  • No side effects
  • Easy to use
  • A safe way to eliminate sagging breasts

Cons of using a breast cream:

  • Should not be used by women under the age of 18
  • Takes time before you see results
  • Not available in all countries

Not all breast creams are the same

If you have searched for a breast cream online, you know how confusing it can be and how to know which product will work best.

All breast cream companies claim their product works but there are very few that deliver results, many products are just watered down creams with moisturizers that do very little to increase breast size.

Two ingredients that will make your breasts grow

There are two proven ingredients that will make your breasts, Volufiline, and Pueraria Mirifica, each one affects breast growth in a slightly different manner.

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica is a popular herb that originates from Thailand, it has been used as a beauty elixir and also to increase breast size.

The way it works is by increasing estrogen levels while naturally increasing fatty tissue within the breasts, it also increases the size of the underlying milk ducts which often shrink due to low estrogen.

Pueraria Mirifica also contains isoflavones, coumestrol miroestrol, and deoxymiroestrol, helping stimulate and expand breast tissue.


Volufiline is a clinically proven ingredient that is found in some of the best-selling breast enhancement creams. It can help women increase the size of their breasts up to 8.6% in approximately 60 days initial results can be seen within the first two weeks making it one of the fastest ways to increase breast size.

Volufiline contains sarsasapogenin, what it does is interact with the fatty tissue in the breast, causing the fat cells to grow in both volume and quantity.

Are the effects of breast creams permanent

The effects of breast creams do last, but some last longer than others, let me explain the difference, Volufiline works much faster than Pueraria Mirifica, so if you are looking for something that works fast a breast cream containing Volufiline is better, however, the results will begin to fade after 5-6 months.

The effects of Pueraria Mirifica last longer but it takes longer for your breasts to grow, to gain the full effects using Pueraria Mirifica it usually takes 3-4 months, women who have used Pueraria Mirifica maintained anywhere between 89% to 96% of their gains.

To sum things up

Pueraria Mirifica –  Takes longer to see results, 3-4 months but you will retain up to 96% of your gains, even after you discontinue use.

Volufiline – Works fast, within 30 days, but the results only last about 6 months, retaining very little size after you discontinue use.

Products containing Pueraria Mirifica

One of the best selling products containing Pueraria Mirifica is BreastActives, BreastActives contains concentrated amounts of Pueraria Mirifica, it also comes with a dietary supplement.

Products containing Volufiline

Volufiline is a product sold by Bauer Nutrition, it contains concentrated amounts of Volufiline along with nutmeg and macadamia nut oil which are incredible skin moisturizers. Total Curve is another best selling breast enlargement cream that contains Volufiline, it also comes with an herbal supplement.


If you are serious about using a breast enlargement cream the ones mentioned are very effective and the most popular brands sold.

One of the benefits you have with any of the products mentioned above is that they all come with a minimum 45-day money-back guarantee to give you a risk-free way to try the product. If you are not satisfied you can always return it for a full refund.

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