Benefits of Bust Firming Creams

Bust Firming Creams – What Brand Works Best?

Looking for a way to firm up your breasts? These are the best bust firming creams and the benefits they offer.

I have been personally using natural breast enhancement creams for several years.

My original purpose was to make my breasts bigger without surgery. I am older now and am less preoccupied with the size of my breasts, now my biggest concern is keeping my breasts firm and attractive.

Over the years I have found a few brands that have helped keep my breasts young-looking and prevented them from sagging, towards the end of this article I will share some of the brands I have used along with some feedback on how well they worked.

Benefits of bust firming creams

Bust firming creams offer several benefits, some of them include:

  • Make your breasts firmer and fuller
  • Increase breast size
  • Reduce sagging
  • Rejuvenate your breasts
  • Improve skin texture and smoothness

How bust firming creams work

Boost estrogen production

Bust lift creams contain natural ingredients and plant extracts that help boost hormone production.

These plant estrogens are called phytoestrogens, these mimic the effect of estrogen in your body and make your breasts firmer and fuller.

Increase adipose tissue

Topical creams promote something called adipose tissue, this is the fatty tissue that makes up your breasts, topical creams stimulate new adipose tissue and help make your bust firmer, fuller and bigger.

Reduce sagging

There are other ingredients that help improve the elasticity of the ligaments and milk ducts within the breasts, this helps reduce sagging and makes your breasts look firmer and fuller.

Make your breasts more youthful

As women get older they may begin to notice their breasts begin to sag, exposure to the sun can dehydrate the skin and eventually cause the skin to wrinkle.

Bust firming creams help moisturize your skin and prevent your breasts from sagging.

Bust creams that work

When choosing a bust firming cream a lot of women will shop on Amazon thinking that they will find the best bust firming creams there. The truth is, many of the brands sold there are not very effective.

Friends ask me all the time what are the best bust firming creams?

Below is my list of creams I have personally used, I should mention that some of these brands sell other products besides bust firming creams allowing you to not only enhance the look of your breasts they can also help make your breasts bigger.

Natureday organic breast cream

Natureday is the very first product I ever used, I started using their tonic and was so happy with the results I later bought the cream.

Natureday sells an all-natural bust firming cream that delivers on its promise, it lifts and firms your breasts,  as an added bonus you can expect a boost in breast size.

As far as how much your breasts will grow all depends on how long you use it, but for best results, it takes about 3 months, the longer you use it the better your results will be.

Natureday Breast Cream

For bust firming, Natureday works fast, I noticed almost immediate results, within just a few days, you should begin to feel your breasts become tighter and firmer.

One of the things that originally convinced me to try Natureday was all the positive reviews and before and after pictures showing proof of what their products were capable of doing, this is a bust firming cream you really should take a close look at.

Natureday cream has a mild floral scent, the consistency of the cream is good, making it easy to rub onto the breasts, best of all it absorbs quickly.

My experience from using Natureday breast cream was that after I apply it I begin to feel a subtle tingling feeling in my breasts which is how I know it’s working.

The good thing about Natureday is that you can use other products such as their breast tonic, soap, and pills which can help make your breasts bigger.

You can read my full Natureday review here you can also see real before and after pictures.

One jar of Natureday costs $35.00 plus shipping.

Click here to visit the official Natureday website.


Vollure is my second pick and a cream I have used many times, this bust firming cream contains a patented ingredient called Volufiline. This ingredient has been proven to work in clinical trials, it does this by increasing adipose tissue within the breasts.

Women who want something to reduce sagging and make their breasts look younger will love the benefits Vollure offers.

Vollure Bust Firming Cream

Vollure is safe, it contains no parabens which a lot of women love, just the fact there are no added chemicals or colors in this bust cream makes it a big seller.

Vollure comes ins a 50ml (1.76 fl oz) easy-to-use dispenser, all you do is apply a few drops of Vollure onto each breast twice a day morning and evening and watch your bust become firmer and more lifted.

Friends who ask me for something made specifically for firming and lifting I always recommend Vollure. You can read my full Vollure review here.

What I like about Vollure is that it offers a no-frills solution for making your breasts firmer and fuller. In my opinion, it works much better than your average bust firming creams you find in the local department stores or on Amazon.

A one-month supply of Vollure cost around $69.00

Breast Actives

Breast Actives offers a total breast care system and is a product that has been around for a long time.

The active ingredient is Breast Actives is Pueraria Mirifica a potent herb that helps make breasts firmer and fuller.

Breast Actives takes things one step further and comes with a dietary supplement that is packed with natural herbs (Plant estrogens) this help naturally boost estrogen levels.

The advantage of Breast Actives is that it works in two ways, the topical cream helps promote new fat tissue, it also helps strengthen the underlying milk ducts and ligaments within the breasts.

Breast Actives Bust Cream

The Breast Actives cream has a good consistency and is easy to apply, it spreads evenly onto the breasts and absorbs quickly.

I have used Breast Actives only once so I have mixed feelings about my results.

What I don’t like about Breast Actives are the pills, in my case, they irritated my stomach, so, I stopped taking the pills, the issue I have with Breast Actives is that you have to buy the bundle they don’t allow you to order the cream seperately.

The cream alone works ok but I did not get the results I expected.

I am assuming that in order to get the best results you need to take the pills and cream together.

You can read my full breast actives review here.

A one-month supply of Breast Actives costs $59.00 this includes the cream and dietary supplement.

Tata Tastic

This is one of the newer bust lift creams I have used. I had never tried until just a couple of months ago. While Tata-Tastic is a relatively new product, the company that makes it has been around for a long time.

Tata-Tastic is a breast enlargement and bust firming cream made by the same people who make the popular Glute Boost booty enlargement pills and cream.

Tata-Tastic bust lift cream can be purchased individually, however, they also offer a bundle that includes herbal pills and a Maca root supplement.

Tata-Tastic Bust firming cream

The bust cream comes in a 4oz presentation and the list price is $42.00 when I purchased the cream it was on sale so I only paid $27.00

The bust firming cream helps lift, tighten and firm your breasts, and you should notice a difference in the way your breasts feel in just a few days.

There are several ingredients that make Tata-Tastic the main active ingredient is Vollufiline (Voluplus) coconut oil and black cohosh which are ingredients that have been clinically proven to give your breasts a boost.

Full results take about 4-6 weeks.

The bust cream has the consistency of a lotion and does not leave a sticky film or residue, it absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Using the supplement will speed up the process.

As of writing this article, I have just begun taking the maca root and Tata-Tastic supplements and so far so good, I will do a review soon and let you know if I have had better results taking the supplements along with the cream.

So far the cream has done what it says and my breasts are much fuller and feel a lot firmer, so a big thumbs up for Tata-Tastic bust firming cream.

To use Tata-Tastic all you do is apply a small amount of cream onto your breasts twice a day morning and evening. The company recommends doing this after taking a shower or a bath.

You can visit the official Tata-Tastic website here.

Total Curve bust firming gel and supplement

This brand has been around almost as long as Breast Actives and is a well-known product.

Total Curve sells a bust firming gel and supplement bundle, the active ingredient in Total Curve is Volufiline the company claims that using their product will increase the size of your breasts by up to 8.6% bigger, this is based on the Volufiline clinical studies.

Total Curve does work but the bust firming cream did not seem to work well for me, so in order to get the best results, you are expected to use the supplement with the bust firming gel.

Total Curve bust firming Gel

What I did not like about the firming gel is just that (it’s a gel)), the consistency is not very thick, it has a thin texture almost runny, the consistency is much thinner than your average skin or hand lotion. While it does absorb well into the skin it seems to leave a bit of residue.

What I don’t like about Total Curve.

Unfortunately, there is no way to order the cream by itself you have to order the cream and supplement bundle.

The cost for a one-month supply of the Total Curve bust firming gel and supplement cost $69.95.

You can read my full Total Curve review here, I have also done a comparison between Total Cuve and Vollure here.

So, what works best?

So many options can be downright confusing, that’s why it’s my job do all the experimenting around.

Here is my recommendation…

If you are just looking for something to make your breasts fuller and firmer, Vollure would be my first pick, followed by Natureday and Tata-Tastic.

The reason I say this is because Vollure is packed with Volufiline and does a great job at firming and making your breasts fuller.

If you are looking for more than a bust firming cream and you want “bigger breasts” I would definitely take a closer look at Natureday and Tata-Tastic, both brands offer other products such as pills tonics, and soaps that can actually increase the size of your breasts.

Final thoughts

The benefits of bust firming creams are an excellent way to improve the appearance of your breasts, the hard thing is finding a brand that works for you.

I am confident that you will find that the bust enhancement creams on my list above will do the job and a couple of them will exceed your expectations.


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