Breast Enlargement at Home

Breast Enlargement at Home Using All Natural Methods

Women who want big breasts face several dilemmas. When most women think about breast enlargement they think of breast surgery. Sure, breast surgery is a viable option, after all, thousands of women have it done every year, but there are always risks.

Should You Get Breast Implants?

I know what you are thinking, having breast implants sure would be nice, but if for some reason you decide later on you don’t like them, you are pretty much stuck with the implants, at least for a while.

Most breast implants may only last for 10-15 years.

As much as you would like to believe that the material they are putting inside your body will last forever, it won’t.

Breasts implants do have an expiration date, in some cases, they can leak and even worse they can begin to develop mold within the bag containing the saline or silicone.

Nice Breasts in Red Bra

I’m sure most women are aware of the possible risks that can be caused by breast surgery, and those concerns should not be taken lightly, breast surgery can be a traumatic procedure.

There are many women looking for a safer way to make their breasts bigger and there are methods that are very effective.

These methods are safe and affordable, the biggest issue with using natural breast enlargement methods is that it can be a long process. Many women want instant results.

Before I go into more detail about breast enlargement at home, let me point out a few of the things that you should expect.

Breast enlargement at home takes time in order to see full results, it can take anywhere from 3 months to two years, this, of course, depends on what you are trying to achieve and how aggressive you are with the process.

If you are looking for a slight increase in bust size, say between 1-2 cup sizes, that can usually be achieved in a few months. However, 2-3 cup sizes bigger can take up to a year “sometimes more”.

The concept of breast enlargement at home is pretty neat, you can do it with privacy and pace yourself, plus you have the benefit and the reward of watching your personal success day by day.

If you are not in a BIG hurry for bigger breasts the rewards are well worth the wait.

Choosing a breast enlargement method

The first thing most women do “myself included” is look for an easy way to make your breasts bigger. Breast creams and pills are usually the first option, and while these herbal methods do work, they can only play a small role in increasing breast size.

Breast creams and pills are affordable and effective

I realize that there are women who do not have a lot of faith in using breast creams or pills. The truth is they affect each woman differently.

I am personally hormone sensitive. So even when I  consume small amounts of herbs such as Pueraria Mirifica I begin to notice hormonal changes such as a slight increase in sex drive, and fuller breasts.

Breast creams work in two ways, one, they increase estrogen levels, and two they increase the size of the underlying milk ducts and fatty tissue.

Most young women have very full and firm breasts which is due to higher than normal estrogen levels.

As women age, breasts tend to sag more and lose their fullness, this is because your body begins to produce less estrogen.

A breast cream helps increase estrogen levels, it will also stimulate new tissue growth within the breasts. After using a breast cream for just a few weeks most women will notice firmer and fuller breasts.

The longer you use a breast cream the bigger and fuller your breasts will become

Just like a breast cream, breast pills can help increase the size of your breast but to a lesser degree, I personally only find breast pills effective when complemented with a breast cream. There are many companies that sell breast creams along with an herbal supplement which is usually in pill form. The theory behind taking herbal pills is that it helps keep estrogen levels consistent.

Woman applying breast cream to breasts

The only real complaint from women who take an herbal supplement is that some have complained that the supplements tend to irritate their stomach. This will depend on each individual, I have personally used Breast Actives which is accompanied by a supplement and did not have an issue or an upset stomach from the pills.

The effectiveness of breast pills and cream

As mentioned previously, breast creams and supplements can make your breasts bigger, but you should not expect more than a 1-2 cup increase in bust size.

A breast cream can help reduce sagging breasts

The second biggest benefit of using a breast cream is that they can help reduce sagging breasts.

Women who are looking for fuller more lifted breasts can benefit from a breast cream. So, even if you don’t want bigger breasts, using a breast cream for just a few weeks can help make your breasts look younger and fuller which is what many women want.

To get the most out of a breast cream you should use the product a minimum of 3 months.

If you are going to use a breast cream for the purpose of making your breasts bigger you should expect to use it for a minimum of 3 months. It takes 2-3 weeks before you begin to see results, full results take 3-6 months depending on the product.

What to look for in a breast cream?

Not all breast creams are the same, there are many different brands sold, obviously, some are more effective than others.

What you should know is that there are two ingredients that distinguish one breast cream formula from another and those are Volufiline and Pueraria Mirifica.

Breast creams that contain Volufiline tend to work faster and are usually a bit cheaper, products that contain Volufiline include Vollure and Total Curve, products that contain Pueraria Mirifica take a little longer to work but deliver slightly better results. Breast creams that contain Pueraria Mirifica include Brestrogen and Breast Actives.

Breast enlargement at home with a breast cream is safe and convenient, all you have to do is apply the cream by massaging it into your breasts twice a day.

Vacuum therapy

This is one of the best breast enlargement at home methods, it takes more effort than using a breast cream but this method is AWESOME!

What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a method used to create suction on the breasts, what this does is promote more blood and oxygen into the breast tissue.

The concept of vacuum therapy is similar to making your muscles bigger, when you lift weights it forces more oxygen and blood into the muscles, over time the muscles become bigger and fuller.

Vacuum therapy is often done in special clinics but it is very expensive. The same method can be done at home with the same results and most vacuum therapy devices are very inexpensive.

Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump

One of the more popular products is the Noogleberry breast pump, the full kit cost under $80.00. The kit includes everything you need to get started. It comes with a hand pump, breast cups, clear tubing, and an instruction manual.

Noogleberry sells breast cups in different sizes.

This is one of the neat features of the Noogleberry, not only do they sell different cup sizes to fit any breast size, if you outgrow your current cup size (many women do), you can simply order bigger breasts cups (upgrade) so you can continue to grow.

Vacuum therapy is a method that will give you the biggest increase in breast size, some women have been able to achieve as much as 3 and in some cases, up to 4 cup sizes bigger.

One of the benefits of vacuum therapy is that the more you pump the more your breasts grow. How long you pump is up to you, the recommended pumping time is anywhere between 15-30 min per day, some women pump for longer.

The results from vacuum therapy are almost immediate

The reason I say the effects of vacuum therapy are immediate is that the very first time you pump, your breasts will swell up, this is because you are pumping more blood into the breast tissue. After an hour or so the swelling will go down, it takes repetitive pumping for a few weeks for the results to become permanent.

Before and After Using the Noogleberry for 3 Months

So, what’s the best method?

There is no one best solution, from my own personal experience you will get the most benefit from a breast pump, but a breast cream helps jump-start the process.

When I first began my journey I started with a breast cream, once I felt I had grown as much as I could with a cream I began searching for other methods, this is when I discovered the Noogleberry. A lot depends on your budget.

The biggest thing is not to become impatient, take things slow, Rome was not built in a day. Natural breast enlargement takes time, so you need to be patient, my suggestion to any women is to pick one method and try it for a while then you can decide if you want to implement another method.


Breast enlargement at home can be a fun and rewarding experience, sure, it’s not fast like breast surgery but it is much safer and the results are real. I am very happy with what I have achieved and if you stick with it long enough I believe you too will be very happy.

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