Breast Surgery Procedures Explained

Breast Surgery Procedures and Risks

Every year thousands of women research information about breast enlargement or breast implant surgery, this includes surgeons, techniques, before and after photos and patient testimonials.

It is common for prospective patients to research various sites and guides before making a decision that will impact their physical appearance and body image such as breast enlargement.

Breast implant

It is typical for patients to consider breast enlargement surgery for months – even years in advance before making an appointment for a consultation. Because breast enlargement surgery is an elective, out-patient procedure, there are many things to consider, such as:

  • The various reasons to have breast enlargement surgery, such as: to enlarge and enhance bust line, gain volume and shape after having children, lift saggy breasts and gain a more youthful appearance or as a reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.
  • Breast Enlargement Costs: Based upon the surgeon, facilities, anesthesia and post-surgical down time and care, how much will the breast enlargement surgery cost? Does the patient have the available funds to pay in-full or does that patient want to finance the breast implants? Options are available, depending upon patient needs.
  • Breast Enlargement Recovery time: Expect to take time off from work. Since each patient will be required to rest and refrain from lifting and exertion for seven days, taking time off from work is highly recommended. Breast enlargement is an invasive procedure, so patients must factor in recovery time.

What is Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast Enlargement can be an effective way to improve appearance and boost self-confidence, but it is not for everyone.

Patients who are in good overall health and have realistic expectations about their breast enlargement achieve the best results. In some cases the breast enlargement procedure might achieve better results if it is combined with another procedure.

Patients who understand the possibilities of breast enlargement surgery and its limitations tend to be more pleased with their results.

Breast Enlargement is a procedure intended to improve your physical appearance.

Many times one can feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of the way we look. The goal of breast enlargement is to make us feel better about ourselves.

Due to today’s advances getting breast enlargement breast enlargement is considered reasonably safe but it does have risks.

New techniques are developed all the time to make sure that the breast enlargement results are better; and that there are fewer side effects and faster recovery times.

Breast Enlargement Procedures

Breast enlargement is most commonly an outpatient procedure. Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. It usuallytakes place in an office-based surgical suite,  or a hospital surgical facility.

An overnight hospital stay is occasionally recommended after breast enlargement surgery, especially if the patient has had other procedures performed.

During a breast enlargement the breast implants be placed via various types of incisions.

The most common techniques include:

  • Inframammary breast enlargement technique: under the breast
  • Transaxillary breast enlargement technique: under the arm
  • Transumbilical breast enlargement technique: belly button
  • Periareolar breast enlargement technique: around the areola

Additionally there are other breast enlargement techniques that are variations of the ones mentioned above.

Inframammary Breast Enlargement Technique

One of the more popular breast enlargement procedures is the Inframammary technique, this method involves inserting the implant in the fold where the breast meets the chest wall. This breast enlargement technique leaves no visible scars.

In the Inframammary (IMF) breast enlargement technique an incision is placed below the breast in the infra-mammary fold.

This incision is the most popular approach to breast enlargement. Although the scars are not on a visible location, this breast enlargement method can leave slightly more visible or thicker scars than other breast enlargement techniques.

The Inframammary breast enlargement technique gives the breast enlargement surgeon maximum access for precise dissection and placement of an implant. This breast enlargement technique is often preferred for silicone gel implants due to the longer incisions required with this type of breast implant.

With the Inframammary breast enlargement technique there is less impact to milk production with this breast enlargement technique because neither the glandular tissue nor innervation is affected during breast enlargement surgery. However, if the breast implant is placed on top of the pectoral muscle, it can exert pressure on the ducts and glands, which may reduce milk production during breastfeeding.

Before and After Breast Surgery

Periareolar Breast Enlargement Technique

The Periareolar Incision breast enlargement technique requires an incision around the areola. This breast enlargement technique is often used by breast enlargement surgeons to hide scarring. However this breast enlargement technique carries more risk that relate to milk production than other breast enlargement techniques.

In the Periareolar breast enlargement technique an incision is placed along the areolar border. The areola is the coloured circle of skin around the nipple. This incision provides an optimal approach when the breast enlargement surgeon requires making adjustments to the inframammary position or also performs a breast lift (mastopexy) procedures during the breast enlargement surgery.

The incision in the periareolar breast enlargement technique is generally placed around the inferior half, or the medial half of the areola’s circumference. In some cases it can be placed all around the areolar border. With this breast enlargement technique the placing of silicone gel implants can be difficult due to the length of incision required for access.

The scar from periareolar breast enlargement technique is placed on the edge of the areola making it often less visible than the scars from the inframammary incisions in women with lighter areolar pigment.

The Periareolar breast enlargement technique causes the most problems with breast feeding, due to cutting milk ducts and nerves that lead to the nipple. is a higher incidence of capsular contracture with this breast enlargement technique.

Placement of the breast implant on the areolar border can results in considerable duct, glandular, and nerve damage, carrying significant risk to milk production in the future. Ducts and glands have a high risk of being damaged due to the incision penetrating deeply through the breast tissue. If the breast implant is placed above the muscle, it may further impede milk production functionality by placing pressure upon the glandular tissue.

The best way to make sure that you have a successful breast enlargement surgery is finding a qualified breast enlargement surgeon. Use a breast enlargement surgeon to find a qualified breast enlargement surgeon near you!

Ruptured breast implant

Transaxillary Breast Enlargement

The Transaxillary breast enlargement technique requires placement of an incision in the extreme upper, outer region of the breast, near the juncture of the arm to the torso (arm pit) in order to minimize visible scarring. The incision is generally invisible even with the arm raised in breast enlargement performed with this technique.

In the Transaxillary breast enlargement technique an incision is placed in the armpit and the dissection tunnels medially. This breast enlargement technique allows breast implants to be placed with no visible scars on the breast, but is more likely to produce asymmetry of the inferior breast implant position.

Revisions of transaxillary-placed breast implants usually require infra-mammary or periareolar incisions. Transaxillary breast enlargement procedures can be performed with or without an endoscope (video camera). With the Transaxillary Breast Enlargement Technique breast implants are usually placed below the muscle.

The impact to milk production is usually minimal with the transaxillary breast enlargement technique because the glandular tissue and nerves are largely undisturbed. As with the other breast enlargement techniques, placement of the breast implant above the muscle will result in greater impairment than placement of the breast implant underneath the muscle.

Transumbilical Breast Enlargement Technique

The Transumbilical breast enlargement technique is performed by inserting the breast implant through an incision in the navel (umbilicus) and moving it into place in the breast. In this breast enlargement technique, no incisions are made on the breast or into the breast tissue.

The Transumbilical (TUBA) breast enlargement technique is a less common breast enlargement technique where an incision is placed in the navel and dissection tunnels superiorly. This breast enlargement technique enables breast implants to be placed with no visible scars on the breast, but makes appropriate dissection and implant placement more difficult when compared to other breast enlargement techniques.

Transumbilical breast enlargement technique procedures are performed bluntly, with or without an endoscope (video camera) to assist dissection. This breast enlargement technique is not appropriate for placing silicone gel implants due to potential damage of the breast implant shell if attempting insertion through the small incision in the navel, and as those implants are pre-filled they cannot be passed through that navel incision.

The transumbilical breast enlargement technique also permits placement of the breast implant only above the muscle. Like the Transaxillary breast enlargement technique, the Transumbilical breast enlargement technique preserves glandular function and nerve response. This translates into a minimal impact to milk production. As with the other breast enlargement techniques, placement of the breast implant above the muscle will result in greater impairment than placement below the muscle.

In this type of breast enlargement technique sometimes the breast tissue can be damaged as the breast implant is brought into position. Insertion of the breast implant through the umbilicus makes it difficult to position it accurately, requiring the use of a camera scope although it is not necessary.


The Transabdominoplasty Breast Enlargement Technique is as a safe, straightforward procedure that is recommended for patients who have completed childbearing, have minimal breast ptosis, and desire a full abdominoplasty. The use of this breast enlargement technique helps avoid scars on or near the breast, maximizes the use of the abdominoplasty incision, and does not add significant surgery time.

The Transabdominoplasty (TABA) breast enlargement technique is a procedure similar to transumbilical breast enlargement technique, where the breast implants are tunneled up from the abdomen into bluntly dissected pockets while a patient is simultaneously undergoing an abdominoplasty procedure.

Areolar Vertical Approach

The areolar vertical breast enlargement technique approach is a very similar to the periareolar breast enlargement technique as the incision is the same.

However, the areolar vertical breast enlargement technique leaves a more extended submuscular pocket for silicone gel breast implants than the periareolar breast enlargement technique, through the transglandular section to the top pectoral fascia. The cavity is then drained after being washed with saline solution before the breast implants are placed.

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This breast enlargement technique developed in Argentina was proved to have excellent results even after numerous long term surgeries.
Breast Enlargement is as a safe, straightforward procedure. If you are considering breast enlargement, the best way to know what breast enlargement technique would work best for you is to schedule a consultation with a breast enlargement specialists. Use our surgeon locator to find a breast enlargement surgeon near you!

Breast Enlargement Cost

Breast Enlargement cost can vary greatly depending on the surgeon, your area of residence, the type and extent of your breast enlargement procedure as well as other factors. The most accurate way to know the cost of breast enlargement for you is to set up a consultation with a breast enlargement surgeon.

He or she will be able to evaluate your case, let you know if you are a good breast enlargement candidate and also give you the cost of breast enlargement based on your situation.

Breast Enlargement Recovery and Results

It is important that you learn about what to expect after a breast enlargement procedure, including the length of healing or recovery time, if there is special care needed and other aspects of breast enlargement recovery as well as any medications that you may need to take after your breast enlargement procedure.

You may also learn about breast enlargement results, including what long-term results you can expect with the breast enlargement procedure, how to manage your expectations and what additional treatments or care may be necessary to maintain your breast enlargement results.

Breast Enlargement Risks, Benefits and Side Effects

Breast Enlargement is a common and typically successful procedure, but like any surgery or medical procedure, it is not without risks. Before making the decision to get breast enlargement it is important that the patient educates themselves as much as they can about the breast enlargement procedure so that they can make an informed decision.

It is recommended that if you are considering breast enlargement, that you weight the benefits of breast enlargement and the results that may be achieved versus the risks and potential side effects.

Like most medical procedures risks include swelling, bruising and pain. Some patients may experience less of these side effects after their breast enlargement procedure, while for others it may be more to bear.

A one-on-one consultation with a breast enlargement surgeon will help you weight benefits and risks. This consultation may also help determine whether breast enlargement can help you achieve the look you desire, if your expectation are among normal and if you are a good breast enlargement candidate.

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