How to Reduce Breast Size

Make your Breasts Smaller Without Surgery

One common question many women ask is how can they make their breasts smaller? It may seem odd because most women want bigger breasts but its more uncommon for women to want to make their breasts smaller.

Is it possible?

Yes, breast reduction is possible, unfortunately, one of the ways this is done is with surgery.

While you may be considering a surgical procedure, to make your breasts smaller there are a few things you should know first.

First let’s take a look at why some women have big breasts.

Breast size is sometimes determined by genetics, they also develop when young women enter into puberty, high estrogen levels can have an impact on how big your breasts grow. The main contributor to breast growth is due to hormones, other factors that influence breast size include pregnancy and weight gain.

During menopause, some women may notice their breasts may begin to shrink once again this is because estrogen production begins to slow down.

Breast reduction surgery

Women who are suffering the physical effects of having big breasts may go to any length to make their breasts smaller.

Some women see big breasts as a burden, it can make exercising and general physical activity difficult, others may suffer from back pain.

How does surgery reduce breast size?

Breast reduction surgery involves being put under general anesthesia, the surgeon then makes small incisions in the breasts to remove excess skin and breast tissue. In order to maintain the proportions of the breasts, the surgeon may have to reduce the size of the areola and reposition it to make it look proportional to the smaller breasts.

After excess tissue is removed the surgeon will perform an additional breast lift to give the breasts a more esthetic look.

In most cases, women should be able to breastfeed but there have been some situations after the surgery some women have lost sensitivity in the nipples which is something that should be considered.

Will breast grow back after surgery?

Yes, there is a possibility that your breast may grow back, the human tends to store fat in certain places, this once again is genetic. Just like some women store fat on their buttocks, hips, and thighs, other women may store more fat in their upper bodies and breasts.

If you have breast reduction surgery there are conditions in which your breast can grow back this could be due to weight gain, pregnancy, and increased hormone levels.

Unless you are experiencing severe physical problems it’s probably best to avoid breast reduction surgery.

How to Reduce Breast Size without surgery?

For women looking for a safe way to reduce the size of their breasts there are a few options, you may want to consider.

1. Get active

Getting active is a good way to reduce breast size, especially if you are someone that tends to accumulate fat on your breasts. Any high-intensity exercises and cardio are a great way to speed up your body’s metabolism. Brisk walking, power walking, Crossfit, and spending time on an elliptical machine or treadmill are all great ways to eliminate body fat.


2. Strength training

You may have noticed that many fitness models and female bodybuilders tend to have small breasts, “that is unless they have had breast implants” that’s because more muscle has a tendency to burn body fat. The leaner women get the less body fat they will have.

Lifting weights helps increase muscle and burns body fat, especially those exercises that target the chest muscles. Strength training not only will help eliminate body fat it will increase muscle tone, there are many health benefits besides fat loss that are beneficial for women.

3. Diet

Most of us have probably heard the famous saying we are what we eat, and yes, what we eat can have an impact on body fat, maintaining a healthy diet along with an exercise plan can help decrease breast size by reducing overall body fat. Eating plenty of lean meats, fish, and fruits and vegetables can help burn body fat above and beyond your daily workouts. Eating fewer processed foods and sweets will also help you shed fat faster.

4. Consume certain foods

There are a few things you can consume to promote weight loss, things like green tea, ginger can help you burn body fat and stimulate your body’s metabolism.

Green Tea

Flaxseed is another important nutrient you can add to your diet. Flaxseed is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, it helps improve brain function, blood pressure and also helps regulate hormones, this is important because when hormones are imbalanced it can lead to breast growth.

5. Improve skin tone with egg whites

Breastfeeding, rapid weight loss, and hormone imbalances can cause the breast to sag and droop this can change the appearance of your breasts making them look bigger.

There are a few natural methods you can use such as creating an egg white mask, which involves beating two egg whites until they form a frothy foam, you then apply the egg whites to your breasts, this will form a mask, leave the mask on for 30 minutes and then rinse off.

6. Use a breast firming cream

Breast firming creams can be used to firm up and improve the appearance of your breasts. A lot of women use breast creams to make their breasts bigger, however, using a breast cream 2-3 times a week can help improve the firmness of your breasts, reducing sagging breasts can make your breasts look more shapely, curvier, and firmer.


The quick solution for making your breasts smaller is with surgery, however, there are risks involved. Before making any decision we recommend talking with your healthcare provider, he or she can offer sound advice, especially when it comes to surgical options. The other option is to try reducing the size of your breasts with some of the natural solutions mentioned above.

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