The Brava Breast Enlargement Pump

Breast pumps come in all shapes and sizes, some are very expensive while others can cost very little, the Brava is classified as a breast enlargement pump that offers women an easy way for them to increase their breast size. In fact, the Brava is one of the few products that was designed to be worn all day.

What is the Brava Breast Enlargement Pump?

Brava SystemThe Brava looks like a sports bra halter top, underneath are two silicone domes that cover the breasts, this device comes with what is called a smart box, what the smart box does is regulate the special pump that creates pressure in the silicone breast domes.

The Brava also reads and writes this information which can be transmitted directly to the company via the Internet, this can help them chart your progress.

It can also help the company answer any questions that you may have while using the device.

The Brava sells two different models, the entry-level system called the Brava starter and their more advanced unit is are called the Brava system kit.

The Brava system kit is their more expensive unit and comes with a mini computer ” sports box” that regulates and controls pressure and can send data over the Internet to the company.

The sports box comes with rechargeable batteries. The standard starter kit does not have the ability to send data and comes with three AAA disposable batteries.

Breast domes

Before purchasing one of these units you will need to contact a sales representative that Brava Silicone Domes
can guide you and help you with choosing the right domes to fit your bust size, unlike other pumps, the Brava is sold exclusively through their website or an authorized partner.

The Brava does come with a proper and detailed instructional manual to help you get started, and they do provide phone and email support as well.

Brava price

Brava TopTrying to find an actual price of the Brava we found to be a bit difficult,  the only thing that is listed on their website is that they offer payment plans of $169.00 a month, we did find other sources on the Internet that listed a price on the entry-level unit of around $1000.00, the advanced model runs around $2500.00 which Brava claims is still cheaper than breast surgery.

The pros

One of the benefits of the Brava is that it can be worn during the day or at night, the fact that the advanced model has a regulated pressure system makes it very easy and convenient so there is no manual pumping or guessing.

The cons

The Brava claims women can see an increase of up to two cup sizes larger,  but considering the price of $2500.00 it seems expensive, especially when more inexpensive comparable products can provide similar results, the other disadvantage is that if you are a C cup or larger the device will not fit you. So it was only designed for ladies with a C cup or smaller.

Deference’s between the Brava sport and starter kit

Brava System KitBrava Starter system
Brava Sport-System KitBrava Starter
Breast Domes2 sets of domes1 set of domes
Smart BoxSmart Box with “rechargeable batteries”Smart Box with 3 AAA “disposable batteries”
Brava CradleOne Cradle – (used as the SmartBox‘s docking bay) with a built-in modem, including power supply and telephone cordNot included
Brava Domes1 T connector1T connector
One Support Bra and Tote Bag (used for washing bra)One Support Bra and Tote Bag (used for washing bra)One Support Bra and Tote Bag (used for washing bra)
Cleaning KitCleaning kitCleaning kit
Brava FiltersBrava FiltersBrava Filters
Instruction ManualInstruction manual PDFInstruction manual PDF

Our thoughts

There are many success stories on their website from women who have had a great experience with the product, the only real advantage we can see is that it is sold by certified doctors and partners which for those who would like assistance it might be worth the price, however, there are much cheaper alternatives that can offer better results at a fraction of the price of the Brava.


While The Brava breast enlargement pump might offer several benefits, unless you have deep pockets, the Brava is way overpriced for what you get.

Sure, it does have many fancy bells and whistles that you don’t get with other pumps, but to be honest, I would not pay the price. Especially when you get the same results from the Noogleberry, yes the Noogleberry is a manual pump but the results you get are just as good and it cost under $100.00

In this case, the Brava is not one of those things where you get what you pay for unless you consider that the few bits of technology offered by the pump are essential.

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