Vacation Breasts What Are They

It has been proven that women with larger and firmer breasts tend to feel better and be more confident towards the opposite sex, the effect of larger breasts on women can only be associated with the effect of muscle in men, both sexes think that more is better.

Larger breasts generally make women look more attractive to the opposite sex and that’s why cosmetic breast surgery is one of the most demanded procedures in plastic surgery.

Woman With Big Breasts

Nobody can argue that the most recurred method for breast augmentation is surgery because it simply is and this mainly occurs because a big percentage of women don’t know that there are other more natural and risk-free ways of increasing their breast size.

Breast creams are probably some of the most viable options when it comes to natural breast augmentation because not only are they way cheaper than getting a doctor to perform surgery, they are also a lot safer and noninvasive.

Breast creams contain natural hormone-releasing ingredients that when applied they rejuvenate breast tissue, milk ducts, cells, etc. a surgery, on the other hand, consists of applying an external source of silicone into the breast that can’t be absorbed by the human body, this can result in a series of negative side effects such as discomfort in the breast area, infections, sagging, etc.

Recently, a famous surgeon from New York known as Norman Rowe created a saline injection that is applied directly to the breasts known as “Instabreast”.

This injection allows women to have larger and firmer breasts for 24 hours, it’s a painless procedure that takes no more than 30 minutes to perform and it’s noninvasive.

“Instabreast” was created in order to allow women to see and feel what it would be like to have bigger breasts for a day, this way they could decide if they wanted to go ahead and do plastic surgery or keep their current breast size; women have also used “Instabreast” to make their bust look bigger for specials occasions.

Dr. Rowe saw the success of his creation so he decided to create something that would be even better than his already successful “Instabreast” he wanted to create something that would simply be more effective and that would last longer and he did just that.

Dr. Rowe called it “Vacation Breasts” the procedure would be similar to the one performed with “Instabreast” but the results would last up to three or four weeks, this would allow women to see and feel how life would be like with having a bigger cup size without the need of having surgery done.

From the looks of it “Vacation Breasts” can be the future for temporary breast augmentation, this way women wouldn’t have to go under the knife, with just one injection they could have bigger and firmer breast that would last up to a month.

Along with breast creams, this could also mean that breast enhancement surgery could lose its popularity which in all reality wouldn’t be a bad thing, “Vacation Breasts” should be available for women as early as 2016.

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