Noogleberry Breast Massage Device Review

A Fun Way to Massage Your Breasts

If you take a look at our reviews on we are always trying to find new and safe ways for women to naturally enhance the look of their breasts without having to resort to surgery.

We have reviewed many breast creams as well as the popular Noogleberry breast pump.

A few weeks ago I decided to buy the Noogleberry breast massage device

I had heard of the brand before but have never talked to anyone who had actually used one, so this would be a first for me.

If you do a search for the Noogleberry breast massage device there are several good comments, but sometimes comments can be misleading.

Being a big fan of the Noogleberry pump I figured I could not go wrong with trying a breast massage device.

Noogleberry Breast Massage Device Review

Breast massage can have many benefits, the way the Noogleberry breast massage works is by stimulating breast cells and improving blood flow in the breasts in order to encourage the cellular renewal process.

What is the Noogleberry Breast Massager?

The Noogleberry breast massager is an easy to use device to help women improve blood flow and naturally increase the size of their breasts, many women around the globe have used manual breast massage as a natural therapy for keeping their breasts healthy.

I purchased the Noogleberry breast massager unit from the Noogleberry website and had it shipped to my U.S address with no problem.

I had found some units on eBay but was reluctant to purchase from them, mostly because of the warranty. Noogleberry has always backed anything I have purchased from them in the past.

The Noogleberry breast massage includes the following:

  • Noogleberry medical device and 2 Pads
  • User Manual
  • Attachment cords
  • Massage control unit

The only thing you need to buy is 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

How to use the Noogleberry breast massage device

Once you receive your Noogleberry product you simply unpack all the items in the box, you then attach the supplied cable electrodes to the each breast cup “there are two for each cup”, you then slide the cover off of the back of the controller and place two AAA batteries in the unit, you then  attach the pair of  electrodes to the hand controller.

Getting started is easy,  you simply apply a couple of drops of moisturizing cream (I use cocoa butter oil) to the inside of each breast pad, spread around and then place the pads on your breasts or on the inside of your bra.

There are several adjustments on the device letting you control vibration and speed intensity, the vibrating feels amazing.

I thought it might be uncomfortable, but it is actually a very soothing feeling

I have found it to relieve breast pain and soreness when I have suffered from breast pain during menstruation.

Noogleberry recommends using the product for a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day 4-5 times per week which is easy to do

Noogleberry breast massage benefits:

  • Help achieve firm and plump breasts with improved elasticity
  • Soften the epidermal tissue for smoother skin
  • Helps firm the breasts
  • Improve blood circulation in the breasts

How long before you can expect results

I began to experience firmer and tighter breasts after the first week, after two months, my breasts felt firmer and more lifted and it has even helped reduce sagging, the company says that full results will be seen after 5-6 months of consistent use.

Device safety

The Noogleberry breast massage was designed with safety in mind, the ergonomic breast pads are made from anti-allergy plastic which feels soft on the skin.

How much does the Noogleberry breast massage device cost?

When you consider the cost of different breast enlargement products the Noogleberry breast enhancement device is very inexpensive, the complete kit cost $36.74 making it very affordable.

How to order

Ordering from  the Noogleberry website is easy, they accept many different payment methods, including Paypal.

The company ships worldwide and we recommend ordering directly from the official Website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product and full warranty along with any special promotions and offers they may have at the time of purchase.


The Noogleberry breast massage device in an inexpensive and practical way to massage your breasts.

For me, it’s more practical than using my hands for manual massage.

I like to use it before using my Noogleberry breast pump I seem to get better results and more benefit when I massage my breasts before using the pump.

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