Volufiline™ What It Is and How It Increases Breast Size

Volufiline™ What It Is and How It Increases Breast Size – Can It Really Make Your Breasts Bigger?

Different breast creams contain different ingredients that are responsible for stimulating breast growth, products like Brestrogen and Breast Actives contain the herb called Pueraria Mirifica which contains phytoestrogens (plant estrogens). The purpose of phytoestrogens is to stimulate natural estrogen production which will make your breasts bigger.

There is another very popular ingredient in other breast creams,  its trademark name is Volufiline™ which is used in various breast creams, it has documented information and clinical trial studies that have proven that Volufiline™, when applied to the breast, will make them bigger and fuller.

From birth to puberty there is no difference between the male and female breast, as women reach puberty,  there are major changes in the breast structure because of increased production of estrogen and progesterone.

Both hormones are responsible for making the breasts grow. A woman's breasts consist of adipose tissue “fatty tissue” the other 50% of the breast consists of mammary glands, milk ducts, and ligaments.

Volufiline™ What It Is and How It Increases Breast Size

A company by the name of Sederma decided to trademark Volufiline™ which is based on Sarsasapogenin which comes from different plants such as Sarsaparilla and Asparagus Officinalis. Sederma decided to extract and purify Sarsasapogenin and when dissolved in synthetic type oils created Volufiline™.

Using Volufiine promotes fatty tissue,  and when applied directly to the breasts has been documented and proven to increase breast size. There have been several scientific studies of Volufiline's ability to naturally increase fatty tissue making the female breasts grow.

A study performed was a single-blind study consisting of treated vs untreated breasts, the treated breast consisted of the left breast, the right breast was left untreated.

Of the women who participated in the study, only 30 completed the study and only 28 women were available for evaluation after the 56 day treatment period.

The study criteria were that the women ranged in age between 18 and 35 years and had a small breast volume or cup size of a Small A or B cup, regular hormone status were observed and stabilized by oral contraceptives and none of the women were breastfeeding or pregnant at the time of the study. Body weight of the subjects remained stable for the term of the study.

Breast chart comparison

After 28 days there was a significant increase in the size of the treated left breast with 5% Volufiline. The study proved that using 5 % Volufiline™ had a significant impact on breast size, ranging between 2% and 8%, obviously after using a breast cream for an extended period of time will only increase bust size even more.

Result chart using Volufiline

So, as you can see,  the study was clearly documented and proven that applying Sarsasapogenin or Volufiline™ can have a positive effect on women who want to increase their breast size.

Breast creams containing Sarsasapogenin or Volufiline™

There are several breast creams that contain either ingredient and can be a very effective and natural way for women to increase the size of their breasts., there are many other benefits of using a breast cream that include fuller firmer breasts other benefits of using a breast cream is that most contain key moisturizers to improve the texture and appearance of the breasts.

ToatalCurve Breast Enhancement Cream and SupplementTotal Curve is another product that hs sold for over a decade. Total Curve comes with a topical breast cream containing Volufiline™. It also includes an herbal supplement to speed up breast growth.

There are several before and after pictures displayed on their website from women who have used their product with incredible results and they also include plenty of information on how their product works. Total curve offers a 100% risk-free money back guarantee on their products. > Click here to learn more

vollureVollure is number three on our list of breast creams but Vollure does not contain Volufiline however it does contain Sarsasapogenin which is the plant extract used to create Volufiline.

One positive thing about Vollure is that it is also paraben free, Vollure contains other ingredients that are absent from total Curve including Macadamia nut oil and Macelignan which is extracted from the nutmeg nut. -> Click here to learn more

Using any of the above breast creams most women can expect to see a 1 to 2 cup size increase and most women will experience fuller and more lifted breasts, older women can benefit from the oils in the products which will help reduce wrinkles in the breasts and reduce sagging as well.


Volufiline is an ingredient that has been clinically proven to increase bust size in women, it is effective and works fast. While many breast creams claim positive results, many of them only contain a small amount of Volufiline.

If you find a cheaper product than the ones mentioned above I recommend you do further research to ensure that the products contain generous amounts of Volufiline to guarantee you get the best results.



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