Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica a Powerful Herb for Increasing Breast Size

Pueraria Mirifica (white Kwao Krua) is a popular herb that originates from Thailand. It has been called the elixir of youth. This tuberous root has many benefits and one of those is its ability to make your breasts bigger. In this article, I will cover the many benefits of Pueraria Mirifica and why it is used for breast enhancement.

What is Pueraria Mirifica?

This herb is classified as a root, on the outside, it’s brown and kind of has the appearance and texture of a potato. On the inside, it lhas a texture similar to that of the crunchy jicama root found in Mexico.

If you look up the benefits of the Pueraria Mirifica root you will find that it offers women many benefits. When consumed regularly this root can increase estrogen levels, so, as you can imagine it may offer women with low estrogen levels several health benefits.

Pueraria Mirifica has been called the elixir of youth and is one of the reasons it is found in many beauty products. Some of these include topical skin creams that may help improve skin texture, it is also found in many breast enhancement creams.

Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

Some studies suggest that this herb may reduce symptoms of menopause, as women get older these side effects become worse. Using Pueraria Mirifica may help reduce vaginal dryness, prevent hot flashes and irregular periods.

One 24 week study was published in the journal Menopause in 2007 the studies findings showed that women who used small amounts of Pueraria Mirifica cream (10-25mg) had an effect on reducing vaginal dryness and it worked just as well as using an estrogen cream.

There are just small studies done on these benefits, some are inconclusive, however, the herbs are in high demand so there must be some small benefits from using it.

There are some animal studies that show that Pueraria Mirifica can actually slow down bone loss during menopause.

Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects

Like with any herbs there may be risks associated with their use, in this case since it is a plant estrogen some women may be sensitive to the effects it may cause. Most of these side effects are similar to those of when you are on your period.

Some of these may include:

  • Breast tenderness
  • BloatingChanges in weight
  • Headaches

Pueraria Mirifica is sold in the U.S as a supplement, it often comes in powders and is sold in health food stores as a dietary supplement. There is no set dose on how much you should use but mot recommends starting off with small amounts of 50-100mg.

Pueraria Mirifica for breast enhancement

One of the main ingredients in many popular breast creams is Pueraria Mirifica. While there is no conclusive studies on the effect it can have on the female breasts, what we do know is that if applied to the breast it does make them bigger.

Firm breasts

You are probably asking yourself how does this happen?

The answer is simple.

We know that Pueraria Mirifica is considered a plant estrogen, what it does is mimic the effect of estrogen that your body already produces.

Pueraria Mirifica tells your body to naturally produce more estrogen. Believe it or not this has a direct effect on making your breasts bigger.

Women who are approaching their period or who have been pregnant know that when estrogen levels are high their breasts become swollen and sensitive.

Pregnant women notice the same, and of course when women begin lactating (producing breast milk) their breasts become fuller, part of this is due to the accumulation of milk in the breasts, the other reason is that the milk ducts become bigger.

Pueraria Mirifica mimics these effects and causes the milk ducts to swell and of course, higher estrogen levels make the breasts fuller and firmer. Applying a topical breast cream to your breasts also stimulates more adipose tissue (fat tissue) in your breasts.

Pueraria Mirifica Breast Creams

If you do a search of breast creams that contain Pueraria Mirifica, you will find dozens of brands. Personally, none of them are very convincing many of them are sold on Amazon and the results are disappointing.

I personally have only had experience with one brand and that isĀ  Breast Actives. This company has been around for over a decade and is probably one of the more popular commercial brands.

My results were fair but I can’t honestly say I saw a big increase in size. Using breast actives my breasts were much fuller and firmer but I did not get the results I expected.

Final thoughts

The benefits of Pueraria Mirifica will vary, some women who use it as an herbal breast enhancement product will see good results while others may not be so fortunate.

For those who are looking for a slight boost increase in breast size, this is using this herb is a good starting point.

Before spending a lot of money you may want to start off with a commercial breast cream or buy the powdered supplement and see how your body reacts if you do get results you can continue with the treatment if you don’t it’s time to move on and try something else.


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