Breast Enlargement Benefits

Breast Enlargement Benefits – Methods and Considerations

Breast enlargement has been a hot topic in the recent years. There has been much talk revolving around this as many celebrities not only undergo breast enlargements themselves, but they also endorse and promote it.

The need for such artificial enlargement has raised a lot of controversies and has also raised social as well as moral concerns.

Most women still consider such treatments and procedures as a waste of money and a fantasy of the rich and the vain. But this is not always true. Breast enlargement has other hidden benefits and is not always done just to influence the look and size.

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What are the benefits of breast enlargement?

The main reason why anyone would opt for a breast enlargement procedure is obviously to get correctly shaped, fuller and firmer breasts. But affecting the appearance is not the only reason why people go for this procedure. The other benefits include:

A boost of self-confidence: In this world of body shaming trolls, a lot of women especially young girls feel bad about their body and slip into depression. This is a continually growing concern. Though a procedure like a breast enlargement cannot be considered as a solution to this issue, one cannot deny that the amount of confidence it can impart is quite high.

When you look good, you also feel good. This new confidence will have an overall positive impact on your life. The psychological effects of breast enlargement have been researched and found to do wonders in many patients and generally, they are a lot happier with an increased mental strength.

Rectifying underdeveloped breasts: Underdeveloped breasts are not an issue only because of the appearance. Women with such breasts may also face difficulty during pregnancies and breastfeeding. In such a case, a breast enlargement procedure may be considered. It also evens out the unsymmetrical breasts and gives a naturally perfect look.

Restore deflated breasts: Due to old age, excessive and sudden weight loss, pregnancies, continuous breastfeeding and other reasons, the breasts may become deflated and sag. In such a case, breast augmentation along with additional procedures like breast lifts will bring breasts back to life.

It adds volume and curves and you will once again be able to wear and flaunt all your favorite clothes, without having to worry about sagging breasts.

Rebuild breasts after surgeries: Breast cancer has sadly become a common condition among women. Many women suffer from this deadly disease and in some extreme cases, they may be required to undergo a mastectomy. This might save the life of the patient. But the emotional and physical scars it leaves behind can be just as brutal as the disease itself.

Such a procedure results in the woman feeling ‘less feminine’. So a breast augmentation can do wonders in this area and help her regain her former self after the mastectomy.

Improved sex life: A survey has revealed that breast enlargement also increases and improves the sex life of the patient. Around 70% of the women reported that they were more sexually satisfied and the arousal rate was also found to be higher after the procedure.

Breast surgery should be the last alternative because of the associated risks involved

Risks of breast enlargement surgeries

Usually, the process of breast enlargement is done using surgeries or implants. Though these give immediate and quality results, they are not without a few side effects and risks. Some of these risks include:

Any surgery is associated with risks and breast enlargement surgeries are no strangers to this case. Usually, they are very safe but 100% safety cannot be guaranteed always. A lot of factors may come into play during the surgery and the results may not always be as expected.

Sometimes, multiple surgeries may be required and this becomes a tiring process after a first few trials. The implants in rare cases may also break or sag leaving behind scars.

After every surgery, a large amount of recovery period is required for the body to regain its usual full functionality. To heal properly, you may have to take a few days off from work and also avoid performing difficult and straining jobs.

The ‘feel’ of the breast post-surgery may be different and quite difficult to get used to.

Every surgery is bound to leave at least some minor scars. An experienced surgeon would do a good job in this field, and the scars will be minimum.

Though breast implants are usually safe and do not contain carcinogens, it is always required to do a mammogram or MRI for breast cancer screening, just to be on the safer side.

Why are breast enlargement creams becoming more popular?

As we have seen, the breast enlargement surgeries are very effective. But because of the side effects associated with it, many women are reluctant to go under the knife. This is where breast enlargement creams come to the rescue.

Breast enlargement cream benefits cover all the points of breast enlargement mentioned above, without having to go through a painful surgical procedure.

These creams work by influencing the release of hormones and provide a natural way of increasing the breast size. Given below are some of the breast cream benefits and its disadvantages.


  • These creams can naturally increase the breast size by at least 1 to 2 cup sizes.
  • It not only enlarges the breasts by making them fuller, it also makes it firmer and lifts sagged breasts.
  • It also improves the overall skin texture and reduces the scars and wrinkled appearance.
  • It is much safer and also cheaper than an alternative breast enlargement surgery.


  • Unfortunately, unlike the surgery or implants, the increase of breast size by this cream application, though natural, is quite limited.
  • Unrealistic increase in the volume cannot be achieved by this method.
  • It is also slow to act. It requires at least a minimum of a full four to five weeks to see visible results on increased size.
  • Some breast creams many contain ingredients like parabens which may cause allergies to certain individuals
  • The result cannot be predicted as it is different for each woman

Other methods

While breast creams are one of the more popular natural breast enlargement options,  there are other methods that are not as popular or less talked about.

Breast Pills

Breast pills are often used to help boost hormone, unfortunately, breast pills are not as effective, the reason being is that since pills are digested, very few of the nutrients actually make it into the bloodstream offering a slow and very ineffective method.

Vaccum Therapy

Almost no one talks about this method, vacuum therapy can be very effective, it does take more effort than either breast creams or pills but if you stick with it it can offer incredible results.

Some women have seen an increase of up to 4 cup sizes using a vacuum pump. But like any method, it does take several months to before you see visible results.


There is no doubt that breast surgery is always the first option many think about, the truth is that most women are usually looking for a moderate increase in breast size.

Breast creams pumps and pills can all be effective if you are patient and consistent with your treatment.

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