How to Naturally Shrink Your Breasts

While most of our articles try to be informative as possible for women wanting to increase the size of their breasts there are many women who want smaller breasts, and yes small-breasted women probably wonder why.

With thousands of women, every year opting for breast enlargement surgery most never think about women who want smaller breasts.

Large breast women hiding behind plantOne of the main reason big breasted women seek to reduce their breast size is that of health issues, large breasted women often suffer from back and neck pain and some women actually have problems performing daily activities.

The female breasts are mostly composed of fatty tissue, underneath that fatty tissue are glands, ligaments, and milk ducts, fat is what makes up the biggest percentage of mass.

Most women are not going to like what they hear, with the exception of breast reduction surgery the only way to reduce your breast size is by losing weight and firming them up which requires diet and exercise, there is no such thing as spot reduction but the more fat you lose the more you will reduce your breast size.

Breast reduction surgery is probably the only way to reduce the size of your breasts and this procedure includes removing fat and gland tissue, unfortunately, if you have ever known women who have had the procedure performed after a period of time the fat usually finds its way back to where it originated.

Unless you are suffering from severe back pain exercise is probably the best method to reduce the size of your breasts, performing anaerobic exercises, jogging, running or any sort of intense aerobic exercise can help burn fat which is what is needed to reduce breast size.

If you notice most female bodybuilders or fitness models usually end up having to have breast implants if they did have large breasts before they began weight training they pretty much lost any fatty tissue they had left them with no breasts tissue at all which is why so many have breast implants.

Weight training

Lifting weights can help build muscle and the more muscle you gain the more calories you will burn in a day which will also contribute to fat loss.

Middle aged women performing dumbbell press

You can perform certain exercises that target the breast muscles such as pushups and dumbbell presses and flyes,  this will not only help burn fat it will also make the breast firmer and reduce sagging.

Breast reduction pills and creams

There are several breast reduction pills and creams available that supposedly will help women reduce their breast size, most of these have little or no effect, the only real effect women can expect from them is firmer more lifted breasts, breast creams can offer little to reduce actual breast size.

Fat burners and sport supplements

While this may sound a bit odd there are many sports supplements that can help you eliminate fat quickly, but make sure you only take supplements if you are serious about exercising, taking a fat burner creates a thermogenic effect helping your body shed fat faster than you normally would, especially when combined with exercise.

Most sports supplements contain natural ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia which will help stimulate fat loss and can also help boost your bodies metabolism helping you reduce overall body fat.

The important thing to note here is that with exercise not only will you reduce the size of your breasts it will also offer many other health benefits as well.

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