Simple Tips to Keep Your Breasts Looking Nice

Having nice breasts does not have to be all that difficult, here are a few simple things women can incorporate in to their daily routine to keep their breasts firm and perky and it wont cost you arm and a leg.

Wearing the right bra

If you have small breasts this might not be as important,  but the bigger the breasts,  the more support they may require to prevent them from sagging in the future.  Choosing a good bra with plenty of support can make all the difference, having two or three comfortable bras with good support beats having a drawer full of bras with little or no support at all.


Exercise is easy to put off and say it can wait till tomorrow,  most women can perform simple exercises on a daily basis that can help improve muscle tone in the breasts, wall push ups and regular push ups are very easy to do and can be performed in the comfort of your own home or office,  all it takes is 20 minutes of your time, begin doing as many as you can for 3 to 5 sets, work your way up. Push ups will tone and tighten the underlying breast muscles and wont take much time out of your day.

Breast creams 

Low cut tops or bikinis are attractive and can make your breasts stand out, but if you are exposed to the sun for any length of time,  make sure you use a good hypoallergenic sun screen on your breasts, breast tissue can be very sensitive and extended exposure to the sun over time will make the skin dry and eventually begin to show signs of age and wrinkles.


You may think breast message may sound stupid but it has many benefits, gently massaging your breasts with a slight kneading motion can break up benign cysts,  eliminate toxins and maintain the resiliency of the breast tissue, it can also greatly increase natural blood flow to the breasts which can have a positive effect on the prevention of sagging breasts, this does not necessarily mean you have to do it yourself you can also invite your partner to jump in,  making it fun and maybe even ad some spark to your sex life.

Sometimes the most obvious things can have the biggest impact, in the case of keeping your breasts attractive and sexy for many years to come.

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