Bigger Nipples Without Surgery

How to Make Your Nipples Bigger With a Nipple Pump

Natural beauty enhancement methods are one of the best ways to transform your body, they are safe and effective. In this article, I will discuss the different methods you can use to make your nipples bigger without surgery.

Why not surgery?

Surgical procedures have been used for decades, both for breast and nipple enlargement.

Women who have breast enlargement may end up with nipples that are disproportionate to their new breast size. Some surgeons will offer an additional procedure to slightly stretch and increase the size of their nipples.

The biggest concern when nipples are enlarged with surgery is that if you intend on having children it may affect your ability to breastfeed in the future.

If you have been looking for a safe and practical way to make your nipples bigger, continue reading and I will tell you exactly how to grow your nipples without surgery.

Why do women want bigger nipples?

Some women want bigger nipples to improve the look of the breasts. Some men find nice plump nipples to be a turn-on.

Women may find that bigger nipples help increase their self-confidence during intimate encounters.

Obviously, there are simple methods that can help make your nipples bigger, however, these are short-term solutions and not practical.

Some women’s nipples immediately increase in size when cold, so wearing a thin blouse or bra may give them more visible exposure especially when it’s cold outside.

Gently pinching your nipples can irritate them and cause a slight increase in blood flow making them slightly bigger.

There are different types of nipples, these include:

Inverted nipples

These are nipples that are below the skin of the aureola, in most cases, this is a condition you are born with.  Sometimes inverted nipples will protrude when they are stimulated.

Flat nipples

These nipples are even with the areola these normally don’t respond to cold or stimulation.

Retracted nipples

This is when nipples start our raised but with age begin to turn inward and change position. Unlike inverted nipples, these won’t protrude even with the cold to arousal.

Regardless of the kind of nipples you have, there are ways to make your nipples bigger without surgery.

Use a Nipple pump

Women with small, flat, or inverted nipples will seek a practical and semi-permanent solution to make their nipples bigger. This can be done with a nipple pump.

Using a vacuum pump to make your nipples bigger offers a safe and effective solution for most women, in fact, there are a lot of men who use them as well.

A nipple pump can increase the size of the nipples and even help those who have inverted nipples.

What is a nipple pump?

Just like any tissue in the body when you increase blood flow to certain part of the body it swells and increases in size.

A nipple pump uses a vacuum system to help increase blood and oxygen into the nipple which makes them grow in size.

A nipple pump can help to arouse the nipples and help reverse the condition of inverted nipples.

How a nipple pump works

There are several types of nipple pumps, some of the units sold are just tiny suction cups you place over your nipples, while these are inexpensive, they can be effective.

Natureday nipple sucker

The Natureday nipple sucker includes two small nipple pumps that you place over the nipples and pump, these help arouse the nipples by forcing blood into the nipple tissue.

Natureday Nipple Sucker

The nipple sucker is affordable and effective, all you do is squeeze the rubber bulb until it creates a vacuum then leave it on the nipple for 15 minutes.

The Natureday nipple pump costs $23.00 and includes a blue and pink pump.


Noogleberry nipple pump

The Noogleberry nipple pump is made by the same people who sell the Noogleberry breast enlargement pump can help make your breasts bigger,  the nipple pump works in much the same way.

The Noogleberry nipple pump includes a hand pump, some clear silicone tubing, and a pair of nipple cups.

Noogleberry Nipple Pump

The Noogleberry nipple pump kit comes with everything you need to start making your nipples bigger.

The kit includes:

  • Hand pump
  • Silicone tubing
  • Y connector
  • Pair of nipple cups
  • Instruction sheet
  • Carrying case

You can choose from three different size nipple cups:

  • Small 2cm x 10cm
  • Medium 3cm x 10cm
  • Large 3.5cm x 10cm

To use the Nipple pump you hook up the silicone tubing to the supplied Y connector then attach it to the hand pump, place a nipple cup over each nipple and begin to pump to create suction.

Leave the cups in place for 15 minutes then release them.


Don’t over pump! We recommend pumping until you get a good seal but not to the point its painful.

The Noogleberry nipple pump costs around $40.09 making it one of the best pumps for increasing nipple size.

Are these results permanent?

Yes, over time the more you pump the more permanent the size of your nipples becomes.


Regardless of the method, you chose, nipple pumps are one of the most effective and affordable methods both women and men can use to make their nipples bigger without surgery.

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