Noogleberry Breast Cups

Noogleberry Breast Cups: How to Choose the Right Cup Size.

The Noogleberry breast enlargement pump is one of the best selling products a woman can buy for bigger breasts.

Some women believe in using more than one method.

This why a lot of women will use a breast enhancement cream with the Noogleberry to achieve faster breast growth.

Once they see breast enlargement works, most will begin to explore more sophisticated methods which include using a breast enlargement pump.

In this article, I will cover the basics about the Noogleberry breast cups.

If you are not familiar with what a breast enlargement pump is let me give you a brief explanation.

A breast enlargement pump is a popular method that women can use to increase the size of their breasts.

This method is also known as vacuum therapy.  A breast pump helps to increase more blood and oxygen into the breast tissue. This stimulates new fatty tissue (cell duplication) making your breasts bigger. One of the more popular products women use is the Noogleberry breast enlargement pump.

The Noogleberry breast pump is affordable costing under $80.00 one advantage the breast pump has is that as your breasts grow you can buy bigger cups.

Before you buy a Noogleberry pump you will have different questions about what size cup you should buy and what kind of breast cup.

Int his article I will tell you what you should know about the breast cups and how to choose the right cup size.

Noogleberry cups are available in the following:

  • Extra small (regular)
  • Small  (Regular and contoured)
  • Medium (Regular, contoured and airlock)
  • Large (Regular, regular airlock, regular airlock contoured)
  • Extra large (Regular, contoured and airlock)
  • Extra large breast cups

Noogleberry Breast Cups

Differences between regular, contoured, and airlock cups

Choosing a cup can make a big difference in Noogling, the regular breast cups are slightly smaller than the contoured version and do not fit the chest wall as well.

Contoured cups have a small rounded flange that fit the chest wall better and helps them stick easier.

The regular cups are not as deep as the contoured cups, the contoured cups are deeper which is something to be considered when you order.

The airlock cups are contoured, plus they lock in the air allowing you to detach your cups from the hand pump and tubing.

This allows you to move around freely without the hand pump and attachments.

Below is an image that suggests the proper cup size in relation to your actual breast size.

For example, if your current breast size is between 26A -30AA you would order the extra small. or medium cups if you are between a 32-A, 32B, 32C, 34AA,34A.

Noogleberry sizing chart

Benefits of the Noogleberry breast cups

One of the features that make the Noogleberry breast enlargement pump so popular are the cups.

The reason for this is that as your breasts grow and become bigger you can purchase the next cup size and continue to grow.

There is no need to purchase a brand new cup, the cups attach to the existing pump you originally purchased.

The Noogleberry also sells nipple cups for those who want to increase the size of their nipples or correct an issue with inverted nipples.

Choosing a cup is easy

Choosing the right cup size is very straightforward, just ensure you know your cup size and then you can choose between the regular, contoured or airlock.

The airlock system offers the best value and equal comfort as the contoured. Truth is there is not a big price difference between the regular and contoured cups.


The Noogleberry breast cups give you the best value, unlike other one size fits all breast enlargement pumps, The Noogleberry gives you different sizes and the airlock system is a one of kind making it one of the best affordable pumps made.

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