The Dangers of Breast Surgery

The Dangers of Breast Surgery and Common Side Effects

If you are a woman who is considering breast implant surgery, there are a few considerations you may want to keep in mind before actually having the procedure done. In this article, I will discuss the dangers of breast surgery.

Breast surgery, although a very common cosmetic procedure still has its risks. Every year over 200,000 women will decide to have some kind of breast augmentation surgery.

It is a known fact that 10% percent of breast implants burst inside the body usually after 5 to 10 years.

The Dangers of Breast Surgery - Image of implant under female breast

The other issue with breast implants is that they can release chemicals into your body, even before they begin to leak. The FDA conducted a study in the year 2000, and found that sixty nine percent of the women they analyzed, had leaky implants, yet where not aware of it.

“Silicone” and “Saline” are common words in the breast implant community both substances have been portrayed as safe but tragically, silicone is exceptionally risky. If ina implant ruptures or leaks it can be absorbed into many parts of the body, including the liver, kidneys and bloodstream.

Leaking and ruptured implants trigger an entire host of auto-immune diseases and may Silicone Breast Implantscause cancer too. In the event that you have implants and had a mammogram performed, then there is a great risk that the weight will cause it to rupture or leak.

Any woman with breast implants, whose health all of a sudden goes downhill, might have a body which is full of poisonous chemicals.

Leaking implants need to be removed from the body because over time they can become completely black from mold and fungus.

At the same time, various types of chemicals are found in these breast implants some of those include hexane, xylene, carbon black, color pigments,  All these chemicals are very dangerous for the body.

Women who have had breast implant surgery can pass on the toxic chemicals from their body to the unborn babies they are carrying causing secondary health issues later on in the child,  A couple of years back, in the UK, 5,000 ladies consented to have soy oil insert or implants.

The soy rapidly went rancid, and each of the 5,000 ladies needed to have their inserts removed. By 2000, 127,000 ladies had sent messages to the FDA about the significantly negative health issues created by silicone gel inserts.

While there are many women who have had successful implant surgery there are just as many who have had severe side effects, there is a very interesting video and article here on Dr. Mercolas website which is

If you are a woman who is considering breast surgery then she may want to consider some natural breast augmentation methods which can include using a safe breast augmentation cream or using devices such as breast augmentation pump.

If you have already had some kind of breast implant surgery performed you should consult with your doctor and have regular check-ups, especially after 5 or 6 years which is when implants tend to start leaking.


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