Breast Enhancers for Bigger Breasts

Safe and Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

In the world of breast enlargement, surgical methods still seem to be the number one option, either because women do not know of other alternatives or because surgical implants can offer women fast results, but there are risks.

Using an alternative breast enhancement method such as herbal breast enhancement or vacuum therapy can offer women a great alternative to keep their breasts healthy.

The downside of these methods is that it does require a certain amount of time and patience.

Brunette With Nice Breasts

Natural breast enhancement is not limited to breast pills and creams.

Combining different methods can provide women with incredible results and the best thing about using natural breast enhancers is that they are completely safe and affordable.

Natural breast enhancement methods available include:

  • Breast massage
  • Vacuum therapy
  • Breast Creams
  • Breast Pills

Some of the above offer better results than others but when choosing a particular method it is always important to stick with it.

A lot of women will expect instant results which is not the case, natural breast enhancement takes time, effort and patience.

If you are serious about increasing the size of your breasts, the biggest question women have is do these methods work?

The answer depends a lot on the method you choose.

Some women have achieved up to four cup sizes bigger, and in some rare cases more.

Breast massage

Manual breast massage is a traditional method that has been performed in China for centuries, in fact, there are many spas that offer breast massage therapy.

Breast massage may not make your breasts a lot bigger but it can offer other important health benefits, some of these include:

  • Firming and lifting of the breasts
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help eliminate stored toxins within the fatty tissue of the breasts
  • Help activate T-Cells which may help strengthen the immune system

Women may choose to massage their breasts while taking a shower or warm bath with a moisturizing soap.

If you are not keen on manual breast massage, there are different kinds of electronic breast massage pads that you may find more convenient, most of them are not expensive.

Breast pumps “vacuum therapy”

One very effective method of breast enlargement is using something called vacuum therapy, there are beauty clinics that perform this procedure.

Vacuum therapy promotes blood and oxygen flow within the breast tissue, this stimulates new healthy fat tissue growth and makes the breasts bigger.

Some clinics use suction combined with mild ultrasound waves to stimulate tissue growth.

Vacuum therapy done in clinics can often be expensive because it requires frequent sessions several times a week.

If a visit to your local beauty clinic is not an option, there are manual breast enlargement machines that offer similar benefits at a much lower cost.

The Noogleberry breast pump is one of the best breast enhancers you can buy, it does the same thing yet cost under $80.00, best of all you can do the treatment at home.

Vacuum therapy has become one of the more popular methods for women to not only make their breasts bigger, but it is also an effective way to keep your breasts full and firm.

Breast Creams

Using an herbal breast enhancement cream is another good option for women, however, you can’t expect the same results as you will get from vacuum therapy.

Yes, breast creams can make your breasts bigger, however, there are limitations.

On average women can expect an increase of 1-2 cup sizes bigger, the problem is after you stop using a breast cream you may only retain 80-90% of those gains.

The other bad thing about using breast enhancement creams is that it takes a while before you begin to see results.

Some women may feel that the time it takes to get results may not be worth the effort.

On average, using a breast enhancement cream can take up to 3 months to see the best results, a lot depends on the kind of cream and the kinds of ingredients it has.

Breast creams containing Volufiline work much faster than those that contain Pueraria Mirifica.

Breast Pills

Breast enhancement pills seem to be one of the most popular methods women choose for breast enlargement.

The truth is it’s not one of my favorites.

Yes. breast pills can work but I have never really seen a big improvement in the size of my breasts.

The only thing I have noticed from taking breast pills is that they do give me a sensation of having fuller breasts but they really don’t offer much in boosting breast size.,

This is most likely why you see so many breast pills come bundled along with a topical breast cream because it usually takes a combination of both the pills and creams to see the best results.

An example of that would be Total Curve and Breast Actives.


As you can see there are many kinds of natural breast enhancers available, obviously, each of them offers variable results.

My advice to any woman who is looking for a natural way to increase the size of their breasts should look at these methods as a fun journey.

Natural breast enhancement takes time and patience, if you are someone who gets impatient quickly these methods might not suit you.

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