How to Get Bigger Breasts in 9 Weeks

Make Your Breasts Bigger in 90 Days

Breast surgery is always an option for making your breasts bigger, but it can be expensive and risky.

In the short term, you are going to be subject to anesthesia and an invasive procedure, even though it may seem like minor surgery, there are always possible risks and complications.

Long-term effects of breast surgery include leaking implants, not to mention the implants can shift out of place, this could mean they may have to be removed or replaced which would require a second surgical procedure.

Woman measuring medium sized breasts

Get Bigger Breasts in Just 9 Weeks

Today I’m going to tell you how you can make your breasts bigger in just 9 weeks.

The process is 100% natural and will cost you less than $ 250.00 which is much cheaper and safer than breast surgery.

You will have to put forth some effort and have little patience if you do you can make your breasts bigger in just 9 weeks.

You will have to buy two things to achieve this goal, but both the products are easy to buy online and are readily available.

The first thing you will need is a breasts enlargement pump, the one we suggest is the Noogleberry.


Because it’s the most affordable pump sold and gives the best results.

Sure, there are other options available but they are much more expensive.

The Noogleberry breast augmentation pump is a device you will need to use once a day for 15-20 minutes 5 times a week.

The Noogleberry

The Noogleberry breast pump costs under $(80.00) U.S.D and ships worldwide, this includes everything you need to get started.

This includes the hand pump and two medium breast cups, smaller cups are a bit cheaper, the bigger breast cups are slightly more expensive but not by much.

Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump


The way the Noogleberry pump works is by increasing blood and oxygen flow within the breast tissue, this stimulates new healthy fat cells to grow and expand, this will make your breasts bigger, fuller, and firmer.

The Noogleberry is easy to use, what you do is hook the hand pump to one end of the silicone tubing and the other to each breast cup.

You then place a breast cup over each breast and use the hand pump to create pressure (suction), you leave in place for 15-20 minutes while it does its magic.

The Noogleberry breast pump simply works wonders.

Not only will it make your breasts bigger, but it will also make them firmer and fuller.

The Noogleberry is sold worldwide and offers great post-sales support. -> Learn more about the Noogleberry

One of the things we love about the Noogleberry is that the company has a forum where you can get support from other women who have had a lot of experience from using the pump.

So if you get stuck or have a question you can always get support.

The Noogleberry is an amazing device that has helped thousands of women achieve bigger breasts.

Why Not Just Use the Noogleberry?

You can, if you want to save money, but if you really want bigger breasts fast you will need to use a breast cream to speed up the process.

The cream that we recommend is Vollure, however, there are others that also work such as Natureday or Breast Actives, but to keep things simple we are going to use Vollure, mainly because it is very easy to use and it works fast.

Vollure can increase the size of your breasts by up to 8.4% in just 2 months “thats about a half cup size bigger”, yes, it is clinically proven.

If you have your doubts you can read more about Vollure here.

Three bottles of Vollure (you get one free) costs $139.90 which is enough to get you through the 9 week period.

The formula in Vollure contains something called Volufiline, this ingredient has been clinically proven to increase the size of a woman’s breasts quickly.

Volufiline stimulates new fat cell tissue and expands them. It also helps strengthens the underlying ligaments and milk ducts that help hold the breasts in place making the fuller and more lifted.

Apply Vollure Twice a Day for Fast Results

To use Vollure you simply apply it twice a day,  once in the morning and once in the evening,  ideally you would apply Vollure first thing in the morning after a shower or bath and then later in the day or evening.

Both the above products have been effective when used individually, however, when you use them together they can speed up the whole breast enlargement process helping you achieve bigger breasts in 9 weeks.

Vollure Breast Cream

We guarantee that after you have seen the growth over the nine-week period, you will want to continue this therapy because the longer you do the more your breasts will grow, in many cases up two cup sizes bigger. Click here to order Vollure

Is this Treatment Right for You?

This all depends, to begin with, you will need to spend at least 25 minutes a day five days a week for the treatment to be effective, this includes a few minutes to apply the breast cream morning and evening and 15-20 minutes pumping with the Noogleberry.

If you have some patience and are willing to wait 9 weeks this can be a fun experience.

I personally love the personal benefits I have achieved with natural breast enlargement, best of all its safe and natural and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your personal accomplishment which in this case is bigger breasts.

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