Why Estrogen Makes Your Breasts Bigger

The Effect of Estrogen on Breast Size

Women who research how to make their breasts bigger with natural methods will find that one of the popular methods is to use some kind of breast cream.

The reason breast creams work is that they help increase estrogen levels naturally.

One of the reasons women may consider boosting estrogen levels is to help increase the size of their breasts, unfortunately, I have seen some women ask if contraceptive pills can increase breast size.

Others ask what birth control pills make your breasts bigger, what they don’t realize is they may also cause side effects.

Some women may go to an extreme and consider taking estradiol to increase breast size or reduce symptoms of menopause.

What a lot of women should realize is that taking chemical-based medications to increase estrogen can have side effects.

Synthetic estrogen can cause many problems some of these include:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular periods
  • Headaches
  • Cancer

A lot of women take contraceptive pills and know that the side effects can be inconvenient and may cause health issues with long-term use, common sense would say that it would be best to avoid contraceptive pills at all costs.

How does estrogen make your breasts bigger?

Estrogen is just one of the hormones that promote breast size.

During puberty is when women’s breasts increase in size, usually reaching their peak between the ages of 17-20.

As women age they will go through different changes, breast size is affected by weight gain, however estrogen levels have the biggest impact on breast size.

While puberty is a time when breasts grow the most, they also get bigger during pregnancy.

When women become pregnant the milk ducts increase in size shortly before women begin lactating, this is the result of increased progesterone.

Estrogen helps to increase the overall size of the breasts and breast tissue, during a woman’s menstrual cycle some women will experience breast tenderness and swelling in the breasts.

Prolactin is another hormone that makes your breasts bigger, prolactin stimulates the glands within the breasts (milk ducts).

As you can see estrogen, prolactin, and estradiol all have an impact on making your breasts bigger, this can be stimulated with prescription medicines which is not a safe method, there are certain foods that can increase breast size by boosting estrogen levels.

Breast pills and creams can make breasts bigger

Besides eating certain estrogen-rich foods, there are natural methods that can increase breast size.

While some women have heard about using breast pills, creams, and other natural therapies they often question their effectiveness.

The principle behind using natural breast enlargement methods is that they increase estrogen.

Breast enhancement creams and pills contain what are called phytoestrogens these are plant-based estrogens that can make your breasts bigger.

Plant estrogens work in a similar way that estrogen-rich foods do by increasing estrogen levels.

There are some herbs that contain herbs that can be effective for making breasts bigger one popular ingredient found in some breast creams is something called Pueraria Mirifica.

What is Pueraria Mirifica?

It’s a plant, grown in a subtropical climate in the Northern Provinces of Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The source of phytoestrogens is the root of the plant, although can be found in leaves and stems, they are discarded during the manufacturing process.

Pueraria Mirifcа cultivated in the controlled environment (farms) have higher levels of miroestrol. Pueraria Mirifica can be in powder form or in breast creams, when ingested or applied to the breasts it stimulates estrogen levels.

Other estrogen boosting herbs

There are other herbs that are not mentioned a lot but are also effective for increasing estrogen these include sarsaparilla root and macelignan, in fact, these are ingredients found in patented formulas Volufiline and Voluplus.

Final thoughts

As you can estrogen can help increase breast size,  it would be fair to say that for making your breasts bigger the safest method would be using natural methods such as breast creams, these should have fewer side effects and naturally boost estrogen levels.

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